INFO about tonight's drop!

Hello Adventurers,

We're excited for the second drop here at our new home! Just a couple things to know:

• Pre-shopping: 256 new listings will be available to VIEW but not to purchase. To differentiate between new and truly sold out items we have put "Coming Soon" and "Sold Out" in the listing titles. These items will be available for purchase at 8PM EST so shop around and take a peek so you know what to grab when the time comes.

• Cart Reservations: When you put an item in your cart you will have 10 minutes to check out no matter what you put in/take out of your cart. When an item is inside your cart no one else will be able to purchase it for the next 10 minutes. If an item is in someone else's cart it will read "Inventory number exhausted" for the next 10 minutes. BE sure to check out within 10 minutes no matter what you put in your cart or the entire cart will be put back up for grabs. ***IF this goes really bad technically or we find that people are just sitting on items we will remove the feature as early as tonight!!! We want to try to make shopping as easy as possible but we also don't tolerate nonsense.*** Combined shipping is NOT at all guaranteed while we are still figuring out our new shipping system but we will certainly try. With the cart reserve, we hope it will be less of an issue.

Tonight's drop will feature the following firmnesses:

59 items in Soft
148 items in Medium
49 items in Firm

contact us immediately with your order number if you have an issue. Read the FAQ, wash your hands, and stay safe out there!

Most sincerely,