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A mythical Bird of legendary size, the Roc’s shadow can seemingly eclipse the sun as it soars down from it's warm mountain nests to scout the lands. Though not evil by nature, they carry a reputation from their encounters with farming folk who see them only as the goliaths who snatch up cattle and fiercely fight anyone who interrupts their meal. Stories abound about their particular fondness for snatching up adventurers and making snacks of them, but this is a perversion of the truth. Adventurers tend to perplex this creature, appearing to be wrapped in a metal skin and may turn out to be a challenging snack. When an Adventurer is snatched up it is more likely because the sun glinting off plate mail or a sparkle from a polished holy symbol has caught the Roc's eye and it plans to present you to its mate as a shiny and intriguing courting gift.




XLARGE $100: 

Length: Overall 10.6in / Usable 8.7in 

Circumference: Max 9.1in / Min 6.7in

Diameter: Max 3.1in / Min 2.0in



Length: Overall 8.7in / Usable 6.5in 

Circumference: Max 7.1in / Min 5.3in

Diameter: Max 2.4in / Min 1.4in


Roc Size