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Kraken Wizard

Under the cover of a deep sea storm, a Kraken has sent its questing tentacles over the prow of our party's ship! This Wizard has been entwined in its grasp. Find a way to entice it to the surface where it's a less dangerous foe, or risk being pulled under to its abyssal home!





Length: Overall 8.5in / Usable 7.2in 

Circumference: Max 9.2in / Min 7.0in

Diameter: Max 3.0in / Min 2.1in



Length: Overall 7.0in / Usable 6.0in 

Circumference: Max 7.9in / Min 6.0in

Diameter: Max 2.5in / Min 1.7in


SMALL $50:

Length: Overall 5.6in / Usable 4.8in 

Circumference: Max 6.2in / Min 5.0in

Diameter: Max 2.0in / Min 1.4in


Kraken Wizard Size