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Dragon Egg
Adventurers are willing to go to great effort and cost to acquire a Dragon’s Egg. They are the most jealously guarded of all the objects that may be found in a dragon’s horde, and sneaking off with one is nigh impossible. But for those that can get one, they fetch a king’s ransom if sold, and are the only viable route to having a dragon as a companion if hatched.





Length: Overall 5.2in / Usable 4.2in 

Circumference: Max 8.0in / Min 4.2in

Diameter: Max 2.5in / Min 1.3in



Length: Overall 4.7in / Usable 3.6in 

Circumference: Max 7.2in / Min 3.5in

Diameter: Max 2.3in / Min 1.1in



Length: Overall 4.0in / Usable 3.0in 

Circumference: Max 6.2in / Min 3.1in

Diameter: Max 1.9in / Min 1.0in


SMALL $35:

Length: Overall 3.4in / Usable 2.6in 

Circumference: Max 5.4in / Min 2.7in

Diameter: Max 1.7in / Min 0.8in



Length: Overall 2.9in / Usable 2.2in 

Circumference: Max 4.6in / Min 2.3in

Diameter: Max 1.4in / Min 0.7in


Dragon's Eggs next to size cup.