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Roc's Egg

Rare, difficult to obtain, and exceptionally beautiful, Roc’s eggs are highly sought-after items. Their smooth shells can come in colors as varied as the plumage of the great birds they come from. They are particularly desired by captains who have the means to purchase one and keep it carefully coddled within the ship's holds. All aboard show deference to the egg and protect it in the belief that the spirit of the Roc contained within will in return protect the ship from lashing winds and misfortune.





Length: Overall 5.2in / Usable 4.2in 

Circumference: Max 8.0in / Min 4.2in

Diameter: Max 2.5in / Min 1.3in



Length: Overall 4.7in / Usable 3.6in 

Circumference: Max 7.2in / Min 3.5in

Diameter: Max 2.3in / Min 1.1in



Length: Overall 4.0in / Usable 3.0in 

Circumference: Max 6.2in / Min 3.1in

Diameter: Max 1.9in / Min 1.0in


SMALL $35:

Length: Overall 3.4in / Usable 2.6in 

Circumference: Max 5.4in / Min 2.7in

Diameter: Max 1.7in / Min 0.8in



Length: Overall 2.9in / Usable 2.2in 

Circumference: Max 4.6in / Min 2.3in

Diameter: Max 1.4in / Min 0.7in


Roc's Egg Size