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Sailors tell stories of sirens of the sea, unbelievably lithe forms seen coursing alongside ships or playing in the blue green waves that break against coral shoals. Most adventurers will only ever catch glimpses of Merfolk from afar, but their varied cultures and wide territories mean chance encounters do happen. Perhaps they take pity on a sinking ship and save the crew who come to find that the Merfolk make loyal friends. Or they may unexpectedly enjoin land walkers against a common nautical foe, where they become known as fierce comrades in arms. However, they are best known for the almost delirious affect their sleekly muscled frames, colorfully gleaming tails, and eloquent features have on those adventures who end up calling them lovers.




XLARGE $100: 

Length: Overall 10.2in / Usable 8.7in 

Circumference: Max 9.1in / Min 7.5in

Diameter: Max 2.95in / Min 2.2in


LARGE $80:

Length: Overall 8.3in / Usable 6.7in 

Circumference: Max 7.9in / Min 6.3in

Diameter: Max 2.48in / Min 1.9in



Length: Overall 7.5in / Usable 5.5in 

Circumference: Max 6.5in / Min 5.5in

Diameter: Max 2.0in / Min 1.6in


SMALL $50:

Length: Overall 5.9in / Usable 4.7in 

Circumference: Max 5.0in / Min 4.0in

Diameter: Max 1.6in / Min 1.3in



Length: Overall 5.1in / Usable 3.5in 

Circumference: Max 4.7in / Min 3.7in

Diameter: Max 1.4in / Min 1.1in


Merfolk Sizes