Welcome Adventurer!

Check out our tips below to better navigate our specific processes and score the best loot. We DO NOT TAKE CUSTOM ORDERS so the drop is the only way to shop the latest and greatest.


If you cannot find something in the store, it is because none are in stock/available to purchase right now. Check out the "Our Models" areas of our site for an idea of which models and sizes we carry before the drop happens.

On Thursdays at 8PM EST, we have what is colloquially referred to as a "drop". This is when we release new inventory items and restock our store. We will have a pre-shop* event starting at 6PM EST before each drop unless otherwise stated. 

We will always announce the official date and time of a stock drop in these places:

  • Here at the top of our website
  • Twitter/Instagram (@pleasureforge)
  • Via our mailing list which you can subscribe to on our homepage or at the bottom of this page.
If a model reads "Currently Unavailable" it means just that, it is not currently available. It's likely that it is out for a rebuild and we will return it to the lineup once we're ready. We have an internal schedule that we do not share it with the general public just incase we wander off the path. Messaging to ask when it will be back will likely result in an optimistic blanket answer of "Pretty soon we hope".


Pre-shop is the 2 hours before the actual drop (starting at 6PM EST) in which we load up our inventory for careful viewing. The listings will read "COMING SOON" in the title, and they will appear "Sold Out" until they are available to purchase at 8PM EST. 

If we have stock that was in the shop from the previous drop, it will be available to purchase as normal.

We implemented this process to allow time to view the listings thoroughly, and since we don't have any sort of cart hold system in place but it is a homebrew, so if you have questions about the way it works please contact us.


We do not have any sort of cart hold system in place meaning the fastest person to check out is the new owner of said items. 

We suggest creating a customer account with your correct address ready to go, as well as familiarizing yourself with our payment options. We do not accept PayPal but we do accept:

  • Most Major Credit Cards
  • Shop Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay


We combine orders on drop night as a courtesy to allow you to get everything your heart desires in one discreet box, for one shipping price. No need to email us. We do this automatically for multiple orders going to the same address so long as the orders are placed by 10PM EST on the night of the drop. Meaning you will have two hours to add to your order, but because of behind the scenes stuff, we cannot allow orders after 10PM EST to be combined.

If you see tracking for one order and not the other that just means that all your stuff can be tracked via the tracking number we provided. Shipping refunds (and tracking) will be provided usually toward the end of the weekend, or at the beginning of the following week. 

For example:

Starr orders a really neat Illithid on Thursday night. She returns before 10PM to add Forgelings to her order. Her items will all go out together in the same box on Saturday morning and she will get one tracking number, and a refund for excess shipping sometime Sunday-Tuesday. 

If you have additional questions about combining orders, please contact us via our contact page.


The bulk of our shipment processing takes place on Fridays, the day after the drop. We try to get all of your orders packed up and ready to go out on Saturday morning. If we have a LOT of orders, we may not get them all out until Tuesday morning, because it's only two of us goblins shipping.

We ship everything discreetly in plain unmarked, brown boxes with a return address that reads: PF.

When international shipping is available, we list "Silicone Sculpture" on the customs form.

Please be sure to input your correct address! Drops happen fast and it's important to make sure that you aren't using an autofill that has the incorrect address in it. We cannot be responsible for orders going out to incorrect addresses, so if you think your order is going to the incorrect address, please contact us immediately.  For more info check out our shipping policy.


All of our items are made using 100% body safe platinum cure silicone and other body safe pigments. They are easy to clean and sanitize, and will last for a long time if you follow our care instructions.

We currently offer the follow:

  • SUPER SOFT- 00-20
  • SOFT 00-30
  • SOFT 00-31 (Near Clear)
  • MEDIUM-00-50 (Good for beginners!)
  • FIRM 10A- Rarely in toys but often for Suction Cups

We do not currently offer firmness samples, but our Forgelings are a great way to preview our models and firmness.

Please be advised that firmness/shore hardness differences can be possible due to manufacturing differences in units of silicone we receive from our silicone supplier.


Unfortunately we do not offer custom designs that are outside of our list of models currently in production. We do not have the resources to support fully customized designs, or to produce them in a cost effective and timely manner.

This includes features that models do not have. If a model has a special feature (suction cup, Vac-U-Lock, squirting tube) it will be listed in the listing text. Read the listing text! It has important info about the toy and will save you the trouble of messaging us to ask.

Models that are currently suction compatible, meaning they will come with a built in suction cup (unless the listing says "NO SUCTION"):

  • XS/S/M/L Fighter

  • S/M/L Kraken Rogue

  • S/M/L Kraken Wizard

  • XS/S/L Pseudodragon

  • XS/S/M/L/XL Rogue
  • XS/S/M/L Wizard


All of our items are handcrafted from start to finish, from our ideas to the finished product, from farm to table (jk).This means that our finished products are subject to imperfections , but they will not affect the safety and usability of your item. Things such as small divots, very tiny indentations, silicone freckles, or other strange textures as a result of our handcrafted process may be possible. These are not defects, unless noted in the listing at the time of the sale. 

We have a three step quality control process and do our best to note anything we think will need extra attention from you. If you’re looking for something that is entirely pristine and perfect, we certainly strive for that, but we may not meet your expectations.


What is a flop? A flop is anything outside of our current production quality standards, or a gently flawed, discounted item that is perfectly safe to use. We have a flop sale when we have enough flops to make a sale. When we list flops, we will provide photos and a written reason about why the toy was flopped. We do not allow discount codes to be used during a flop sale and will cancel and refund any orders that attempt to use discount codes during a flop sale. 

Cosmetic defect(s) that will not affect usability, but does not meet our current quality standards or small defect(s) that will require a little extra attention when using/cleaning/caring for the item are both examples of flops.


We print the following care instructions on the back of every packing slip so be sure to check your packing slip for these (and for copper pieces we like to give out as a treat):

New Arrivals 

  • Give your item a good once over while it is STILL INSIDE THE BAG. Some minor imperfections due to the handcrafted process should be expected, but if larger undocumented flaws are present, please contact us right away. 

  • Upon unpacking your new toys might have a “tacky” feel to them. We give them a perfunctory wash before shipping but they will need a thorough cleaning before use to remove any residual mold release agent. Washing with warm soapy water, boiling for a few minutes, or soaking in a 1% bleach solution are good ways to make sure your new friend is ready to use. 

Storage & Use

  • For everyday cleaning use water with a mild detergent. For deeper cleaning to remove smells or soiling use rubbing alcohol with a mild detergent (silicones tend to be nonpolar which limits the ability of water to clean them). 

  • Using silicone based lubricants with silicone based toys is not usually recommended. Water based/oil based lubricants are preferred.

  • Store Pleasure Forge toys only with other body-safe, high quality 100% silicone toys.

  • Do not feed Pleasure Forge toys after midnight.