Before you buy PLEASE READ!

We make every effort to make outstanding quality toys and to be transparent about what we do. There are two things in particular we want you to know about before you buy since we are not considering them flops because they do not affect the safety or usability of the toys.

  • Indents, creases, and other small marks are often present on the base of the toy from where we have to grab the toy to pull it from the mold. 

  • We see more tiny fibers etc in these toys than in pigmented toys. Silicone likes to build up a static charge which attracts fibers from our clothing, paper towels, or other teeny tiny debris. Normally you cannot see these in a pigmented toy, but with this silicone being extra clear, if you look hard enough, you'll find them. If the pieces are particularly large we'll document and discount accordingly in the individual listings.



  1. What are they?

    Dancing Lights are fully usable silicone toys with removable LED lights that are remote controlled and waterproof.

  2. How bright are they?

    A tiny 1" LED unit is not going to be able to compete with a bright room or daylight but they look pretty spectacular in a dark room and still pretty cool in a dim room. Larger toys will be brighter at the base and dim to dark at the tip because much of the light gets absorbed when it has to travel through 7+ inches of silicone.

  3. How waterproof are the LEDs?

    They can be submerged in shallow water or splashed with no ill effect. Do not run them through a dishwasher or boil them.

  4. Are they still safe to use?

    Yes, other than the cavity in the bottom of the toy for the removable LED unit they are perfectly normal toys.

  5. Will the lights fall out?

    No, they hold in quite securely.

  6. Can I clean the toy normally? Can I boil it?

    Yes, the lights come out easily and then the toy can be cleaned or boiled as normal. However, these are made with a silicone called Near Clear, and you might want to check out the FAQ on it before boiling for extended periods. REMOVE THE LIGHTS BEFORE CLEANING! DO NOT BOIL THE LIGHTS!

  7.  I have reduced manual dexterity or hand strength; will I be able to get the lights in and out?

    They are not particularly hard to pop in and out, but it is possible you might need a friends help. The LED units also require a twisting/screwing motion to turn all the way on/off which may be a bit challenging.

  8. My toy is stuck on the color red???

    When the battery is low the LED units will sometimes get stuck on red. Replace the batteries and you will be just fine. They can be found by searching for "CR2032 battery".

  9. Why is the battery dead if I have not used the toy much?

    Most likely you did not loosen the top on the LED unit after you turned it off. These are remote controlled, and they use a little bit of power to “look” for the remote even if the light is off. Always loosen the top when you put them away to break the connection to the battery.

  10.  How do I turn it on?

    Tighten the LED unit all the way until it cycles through red/green/blue. At this point you can fully use the remote to control the LED unit. To preserve battery life please see above.