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The Aboleth. Predating even the gods, this ancient evil monster waits with its kin for the chance to once again be the rulers of the material plane. With their considerable psionic abilities they can easily dominate the minds of their prey, forcing the mind controlled target to walk into the waters of their underground lair. If the adventurer is lucky, the Aboleth is hungry and they are simply overwhelmed and consumed. If they are unlucky, they will find the Aboleth bored from the long millennias of waiting and desiring a new plaything.




LARGE $80:

Length: Overall 8.7in / Usable 7.5in 

Circumference: Max 9.4in / Min 7.1in

Diameter: Max 3.03in / Min 1.9in


Length: Overall 7.1in / Usable 5.9in 

Circumference: Max 7.5in / Min 5.5in

Diameter: Max 2.4in / Min 1.8in