Silence is Violence

Hello Adventurers,

For the past week I have seen people that look like me (white) holding up signs that say "White Silence is Violence" and I am inclined to strongly agree. I have gone back and forth trying to think about what I would say to my customers. I have experienced a spectrum of emotions that range from disgust to heartsick watching things unfold. But none of this is about me. It's about black lives. And they matter.

Today I decided that Pleasure Forge would loudly tell our customers that we are AGAINST systemic racial injustice. At the very least, we think it's important to let our position be known because staying silent is a part of how we got here in the first place. We support you, we stand with you, and we see you.

We are not huge on the fact that money talks in this world but it does and it's a voice we have available, and we intend to use it. We have made a $500 donation to this fund  which is a split fund, going to bail funds, mutual aid and racial justice organizations. We have also made donations to our local bail out fund. We will be making more donations and continuing to build a brand that is transparent about our beliefs, and the things we support. 

We will also continue to educate ourselves about what it means to truly be a good ally and we encourage you to do the same. Check out this link for resources on this topic.

This post isn't very long, because it doesn't need to be. We don't need to clog up the airwaves with our opinions and feelings. We need to be listening and acting. 

Next drop will be Thursday, 6/11 at 8PM EST. If you have a problem with anything we have said in this post, feel free to keep your money and stay mad.

Speak up. Do better. Be better.


Everyone at Pleasure Forge