Please see our FAQ if you have questions about why we are empty!!! OUR NEXT DROP IS TONIGHT, THURSDAY, 5/28 at 8PM EST!

Payment Processors, Shipping Nightmares

Hello Adventurers!

We want to say thank you first of all for participating in our first ever drop on the new site. We really appreciate all the orders you placed and the feedback we received.

We spent ALL of Friday into the late night figuring out the new shipping system, and all orders have been shipped so if you haven't received tracking, contact us and we will get that info to you.

We received several emails about carts and have since implemented a cart reservation timer. This is yet another NEW experiment so we cannot say whether or not it will work well. We CAN say that it will be a 10 minute hold, and will update you with more details on how it works before the next drop.

The bad news:

We were informed that we were unable to complete payments any longer via Shopify Payments and are in the process of finding a new payment gateway that is more friendly toward our products. All sales are suspended until further notice.
We may try to use another large popular payment processor in the interim, though we would really prefer not to. We will update you as we have more info.

Thank you again for bearing with us through this transition, and all of your interest in our products!!!

Pleasure Forge