News from the Forge: Vol K for KŰPPŞ

We've got a decent sized drop tonight featuring lots of ocean-y, beach-y, water types, failed prompts, stormy clouds and the soft release of our new double sided suction cups aka Küppş.

If you haven't already check out our
Twitter thread for the 5 minute suction cup challenge. We stuck the flex cup to several different surfaces and did a 5 minute hype lapse of how long it will stick to different types of surfaces!

We're calling it a soft release, because we won't be dropping all our Küpp loot tonight, but we wanted to put up a few sets since we've been teasing them out.

We currently only have one set of molds so quantities will be small at first. Please only buy one set per drop so more people can get a pair or we will use our pointy goblin sticks to cancel your order!

Küppş are sold as a pair of suction cups with one flex cup (more grip for wall mounting) and one pedestal cup (less bend and flop for floor mounting). Please read the entire listing and check the photos for the instructions to make sure you are getting the correct size. Medium: 2.3" Diameter when flattened

Large: 3.0" Diameter when flattened

XLarge: 3.7" Diameter when flattened

Küppş work best on smooth or glossy surfaces and will stick for a long time. Rough, matte, or textured surfaces range from a good stick for a few minutes to DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. Your mileage will vary. Hang time is also related to the weight and length of the toy. Heavy and long toys will try to pry loose much faster than lighter shorter toys. An XL toy on a medium or small küpp will almost always make an immediate escape attempt.

When it comes to an adventurer's equipment, a good suction cup is right at home with your bag of holding and immovable rod. A useful utilitarian tool, we searched high and low to find two of the best around. The pedestal cup is designed to be extra rigid so toys don't lean and flop when mounted to the ground. The flex cup can bend and grab even heavy toys when they are stuck to a wall or other vertical surfaces. Küppş are cast in a firmness of 10A (Firm).

As always, contact us if you've got any other questions.

GOBLIN FACT: Strider can play a whole bunch of instruments.

Thank you,