News from the Forge: Vol. 17

Hello Adventurers,

We're super excited for the drop tonight at 8PM EST (pre-shop at 6PM EST), because we're debuting an all new ghostly translucent material just in time for Spooky Season, THE BEST SEASON!!!

It's not a super large drop as we're adjusting to a new new new schedule around the shop (we miss you Strider) but it's exciting nonetheless!!


• Near Clear comes in two varieties, Soft 00-31, and Medium 00-45. For the time being we’re stocking Soft, but we do hope to have some Medium soon.
• It’s beautifully transparent!! Colors pop, marbles have multiple deep layers that we can barely capture with our camera, and glow is ultra bright.
• It is platinum cure silicone and it comes with the same *Skin Safe* certification as it’s older siblings, Sorta Clear 18 (rock hard, anyone?), EcoFlex, and Dragon Skin. Get that cool jelly look without the extra yikes.
It’s compatible with your favorite water and oil based lubricants, but beware that using a silicone lube may make any silicone toy swell a little bit, or a lot.
This stuff is REALLY clear, so take note that discoloration from darker lubes, bodily fluids, or slight clouding/yellowing from heat (storing in a sunny window or boiling for extended periods) **MAY** make staining more apparent. Are we saying it’s guaranteed to stain? No. Are we saying that because this is a very clear material that you may see stains or flaws more apparently? Yes.
Speaking from our own experience, this material is harder to process. For us, it required smaller batch sizes, took a lot longer to vacuum bubbles out, and had a higher flop rate. Because of this, we have opted to charge a bit more for items made with Near Clear.
Will we continue to stock it? Probably, but much  like eggs/egg pens, XXLs, and ShopDad surprises, anything that takes more processing time will likely be more rare in our drops since it requires that we change up our entire workflow to make it.
Lastly, we are working on some special Near Clear test kits so that if you’re still kinda unsure, you can do your own experiments on the material before making a purchase. We hope to have these available shortly.


We've got a buttload (official measurement) of cool stuff coming up in the next drop (9/30). We had originally planned to put out the all new Halichoer this drop but we were surprised to receive our Near Clear sooner than expected so we pushed it to the front of the schedule.

Tomorrow, you'll be able to view the Halichoer stats page and we'll tease it on the socials! As well, Mini Mimic surprise packs, Kupps, and treat bags will make a return in our next drop.

During our two weeks off we also discovered the XL Rogues we've been making for weeks (oops), that we've never gotten around to releasing so those will come out in the next couple drops as well.

So to wrap it up, thank y'all for your amazing support! And we look forward to showing you all the cool new shiny stuff we've been hoarding in our treasure stores. If you have any questions, comments, or terrible jokes, please feel free to
contact us or browse the FAQ.

GOBLIN FACT: PFKristen (is not great at writing facts about myself) but likes to read a LOT.


The Spookiest Gaggle of Goblinz

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