News from the Forge, Vol. 15

Hello Adventurers!

It's been a while since we did an info blog, but we've got some things we need to tell ya that don't fit in a tweet or IG post so here we are!


We are super sorry to say that we will be unable to ship internationally until we are able to research a method better than USPS Priority Mail International. We cannot in good faith continue to utilize a service that comes at such a high cost to our customers and has in recent times become wholly unreliable. We are seeing packages that are supposed to go to Canada hanging out in Morocco, or just hanging out in Miami forever. As well, we have not offered First Class International since July 2020 because we saw similar issues happen to us, and have since seen other indie shops experiencing the same.

Once we find an option that offers more reliability, and is hopefully more cost effective, we will be happy to re-open International shipping.


Recently in our community we have seen folks shopping drops for friends. This is...generally fine but could cause issues behind the scenes. These issues could include but not be limited to:

1. Any address change made to your customer/payment account can be stored, and this might mean next time you try to check out fast, you could lose an item due to having to change your address.

2. ShopPay does often check out with your last info stored, if you've opted to store it. This can be fixed by checking out as a guest.

3. Manual address changes create additional work for shops, many of whom are already bending things to their will to create a better shopping experience for their customers.

4. Our fraud filters are generally more concerned with matching billing addresses and CVVs but we cannot guarantee that it will not flag for an nonmatching shipping address. People do buy gifts in earnest, so it's less likely, but it's still possible.

All the above said, the only guarantee we can provide for folks purchasing for friends that everything will go off without an issue is to ship the item to yourself and then ship to them.


We have recently found a warehouse space to store our inventory and ship from, and as a result we've had to make some changes to our schedule. We're currently considering all the options that this new larger space afford us, and it's likely that we will soon switch back to a weekly drop schedule.

All the extra space is SUPER cool but schedule changes have been a bit of a rough adjustment for the goblin crew. One of the harder parts is that we're making stock "this week" for a drop that might not happen for a couple weeks. We appreciate y'all bearing with us while we work these growing pains out. As a result, our previews and social media content has been a little off kilter, but we hope to have a system back in place soon.


We have for a long time offered what we consider a rather generous rolling discount to our email list, and another single use code on the bottom of our packing slips. We often get emails each drop about how the discount didn't work, and this is generally because the discount code doesn't apply to everything. There's a bit of fine print that is important to read before you try to use the code and at worst, miss out on an item you wanted because you were trying to get the code to work.

The fine print: 

We will NOT apply the discount retroactively so please have it ready to go when you order! This discount cannot be combined with others or and cannot be applied to new models and sizes, eggs, lubes, stickers, test kits, mugs, cards or Forgelings. This discount is not active until 8PM EST! You must use the email you're reading this message from to place the order or the discount may not work.

What does new models mean? It's kind of at our discretion. Obviously an item releasing that week or month probably won't be included, but take the Colossal Squid for instance. It's been around for a few months, but for us it's still pretty "new" so we still do not allow it to be discounted.

New sizes? Sometimes when we release a size of a model we've never ever released before, that counts as new to us, and will not be included in the discount for a while.

Thank y'all for reading and continuing to be excellent! Feel free to contact us if you've got an questions, comments or concerns.

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