News from the Forge: BLACK FRIDAY EDITION!

Hello Adventurers,

We've got our biggest drop, biggest sale, biggest everything of the year...it's just all really big!!!

Tonight's drop starts at 8PM EST (pre-shop* at 6PM EST) and will feature:

-Over 500 new listings all discounted 15% off 

-Around 100 gently flawed flops discounted from 20%-40% off!

-Mystery Eggs at 40% off the original price! Choose your size and model, color and firmness are a mystery!

-All new lube from The Butters, Lube Test Kits, Add-On Treat Bags!

-The all new XS/M Slaads, and XS Centaur/Ankheg!


Soft (00-30)- 251
Medium (00-50)- 299
Firm(10A)- 9


-Please bear with us as this is the largest drop we have ever hosted on our website. We hope not to have any tech issues but if we do we will do our best to fix them ASAP.

-We do not take Paypal so have any other payment option ready to go. Please have your address input correctly as well.

-We do not have any sort of cart hold system in place, so please be aware that the first person to the checkout is the winner of the prize.

-We truly appreciate your patience and understanding if you experience delays regarding combined orders, emails, and shipping.

-Tiered Egg discounts only apply to a SINGLE color, you can mix the sizes but NOT the colors.

*Pre-shop: Pre-shop is the 2 hours before the actual drop in which we load up our inventory for careful viewing. The listings will read "COMING SOON" but if you try to buy them, it will say "Sold Out". They will be available to purchase at 8PM EST. If any stock remains in the store from our last drop, it will be available to purchase as usual.

As always, contact us with any comments, questions, concerns, and solutions to evicting roommates you don't want such as this gem-eyed, talking skull who has eaten all the pie.

Thank you for a wonderful year,

The Shop Goblins